How can you wake up your friends and family to what’s going on? Breaking them out of the Matrix!

It’s basically impossible. Over 70% of the populaiton lives in a consensus state, which is herd mentality. These are the literal NPCs (non-player character) of the world. They don’t form independent thought, when they want to know what their opinions are on certian topics, they just look to the external world. They are trapped in simulated reality and programmed by watching television programming, listening to the “experts” and the government.

These kinds of people will tend to get the most offended when you present them certiain views that go outside of their Paradigm, because their beliefs actually represent unconscious security needs. So the unconsciously gain security by trusting the mainstream media, celebrities, the experts, the government. They basically can’t really think for themselves. So they seek security and outsource their opinions to others. Moving from this consensus herd mentality to an individual state is actually often a traumatic process. Because instead of trusting the external world like you always have, the government, the authorities, you actually have to learn how to trust yourself as an inner guidance system. And in order to do that, you actually have to decondition and undo a lot of what you thought was true about yourself and the world in the process. This is really alienating and lonely process by design because in order to discover who you are, you have to separate from the herd.

The thing is you can’t actually force people out of the state. It has to come from an inner calling. It has to come from within, realizing that there is something different inside yourself that can’t be explained by the experts, science, celebrities, government. It really takes a certain ripeness of the soul to even want to go down that path because it’s not easy. Most people actually refuse “the call” of their individuation (the process of becoming a self-aware and integrated individual by reconciling and balancing the various aspects of one’s personality, including both conscious and unconscious elements) again, and again and again because they’re unconscious security needs is so strong.

I’ve played Morpheus in real life and offered people the “red” pill. The choice to wake up from the main stream media, Hollywood bullshit and what’s taught in the government indoctrimation camps and face the harsh reality of the world being controled by the CIA, permanent goverment, WHO and World Econominc Forum. Taking the red pill means acknowledging that the world one thought was real is actually a fabrication and a bunch of lies (e.g., no man ever walked on the moon). You become aware of uncomfortable truths, related to politics, society, and/or personal beliefs.

In contrast, choosing the “blue” pill represents accepting and believing in a simulated reality created by big government, main stream media, celebrities…choosing ignorance and remaining complacent. The blue pill represents the choice to remain in a comfortable illusion, while the red pill represents the choice to confront reality, no matter how unsettling it may be.

And this is why trying to wake up family, friends and others, in general is almost always a failed project and attempt. But, once you wake up and learn that most of what you were taught and they tell you is a lie, your vision of the world become very clear…you see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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